Seafaring Strangers

Recent Events

Sessions 13-14

In the last couple sessions, our intrepid heroes have made their way to the Lost Island, located within the great eternal maelstrom. Braving numerous challenges and hardships, they eventually made it through the magical storm and arrived at the stony cliff faced island covered in lush forest.

After Wilhelm went full retard and almost died to a forest drake before being saved by his non retarded comrades, the party set up a plan with their ship crew, and set forth into the forest.

After a few hours of travelling, the party came upon a clearing with a magical deck of cards. Everyone who isn’t lame decided to draw one.

After an encounter with a tree that attempted to murder them, the party finished their trek to the center of the island, and came upon a great stone ziggurat stationed in a large clearing. The clearing was warded by powerful abjuration magic, but the party all made it through with minimal setbacks.

Descending into the temple, the party found a chamber with 6 trials to complete in order to open the locked door barring their progress. Thus far they have successfully completed 3 of the trials. Who knows what awaits them in the future?



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