Wilhelm Wildfire

The Freedom Fighter


Donned in a mantled cloak, Wilhelm has red hair kept in neat braids. He prefers to use a bow.


So you want to know where the ‘Fire started? Well it all started long ago, Wilhelm was in a very well-off family in Thok of the Wildlands. His parents were nobles and very proficient traders allowing him to grow up without a care in the world. When Wilhelm was only 10-years-old, he was asked by his father Winston, to go on a standard convoy to Sherwood. Seeing as how it was Wilhelm’s first time being on one of these convoys which was a family tradition, the rest of his nuclear family came along as well, including his two older brothers Lestar and Eriq and his older sister Winter. But if you know him by now, you probably know that this tradition was cut short, after a few miles out on this journey, Wilhelm noticed small specks in the distance on some small sand dunes. He had been told bandits were commonplace in this sandy hell and knew that his parents hired the best bodyguards money could buy. But as the specks got larger they also grew in numbers coming in at tens, dozens, then hundreds, they far out-numbered his bodyguards by at least 10-to-1. Others began to notice too, and soon everyone began to run in the opposite direction which gradually became sprinting. None of it mattered, within, seeming magically, half the time the caravan expected the bandits would have reached them. The bodyguards fought hard, some deserted, and in the end all that remained was Wilhelm’s family, except his father. They were surrounded while some of the bandits scavenged through the cargo of the convoy, they seemed to be searching for something specific but Wilhelm wasn’t able to see if they had actually found something. His family were all bound with rope with the other end bound to the bandits’ camels, forcing them to follow on foot, the rest were executed. Any outcry by the family was dealt with swiftly with a quick and precise lashing with Wilhelm being the first to demonstrate.
They were trailing for miles upon miles of desert until they finally reached the bandits’ camp. Eriq had finally given up and passed out from exhaustion. One of the bandits responded with a gunshot to Eriq’s temple, as they deemed him too weak to be valuable. They were brought to the largest hut in the camp and laid to the floor as an incredibly large brutish man came out from a room in the back and inspected Wilhelm, Lestar, their mother, and Winter. Their sister and mother were shoved aside with only the two of them in the center of the room. Lestar was shaking and breathing heavily, Wilhelm tried his best to keep his composure for his sister while she was looking directly at him. The brute grabbed Lestar by the chin, lifting it off the floor and looking at his intently. After a few minutes the brute dropped him and pulled out his large greataxe, and with one quick swing Lestar’s head was separated from his body. His mother and sister screamed and were knocked unconscious immediately. After the brute pulled back his axe, he muttered, “…Weak”. The brute then looked directly into Wilhelm’s eyes with Wilhelm trying with every inch of his being to remain calm so he could avoid the same fate. The brute performed the same examination, looking intently at Wilhelm with Wilhelm’s chin lifted off the ground. After a brief pause he muttered “…Weak” and after what seemed like an eternity he later muttered “…But good enough”. The brute ordered the two women to be moved into a different room and for the other bandits to leave the room after examining the corpse for “The artifact”.
The bandit paced around Wilhelm and after examining the child he asked “…Where is it?” Wilhelm responded with “Where is ‘what’? Why are you doing this to us? Where’s my sister?!” Wilhelm was immediately handed a backhanded slap to his face, “ONLY RESPOND TO THE QUESTION!!!”
Wilhelm knew his life was in danger if he ignored him so after a brief and brutal interrogation the brute gave up and ordered his men to sell the three of them as slaves.
After a few weeks of being caged in the intense heat with barely any food or water their mother finally gave in and fell asleep one last time. A few days after the first buyer came, he came from Bilgepump and purchased Winter, Wilhelm said his final yet brief goodbyes.
It seemed like months but eventually another buyer came, it was a disgusting old woman who proclaimed she was from The Black Wood. She cackled frequently as she had a seemingly permanent grin to her. Wilhelm was bound once more, gagged, and blindfolded. He was thrown into what felt like a wooden cart. Normally Wilhelm thought that normally he would be terrified but after having almost all of his family murdered and his horrific recent life as a prisoner that anything could be better. It was the longest days of his life, not being able to see anything or speak to anyone, going to a place he had never heard of. Eventually the cart seemed to have reached its destination and stopped, there was a lot of scuffling outside and what sounded like the old lady screaming. His blindfold and gag were removed briefly after. As Wilhelm’s eyes tried to adjust to the light what he saw was a small hut surrounded by woods, a small fire pit was nearby and was lit. When he looked in the other direction he was confronted by an incredibly large canine. Wilhelm was overwhelmed by fear as the creature begin to repeatedly smell his face, it followed with licking it briefly then retreated towards a large woman bearing a hoodless-cloak, and an incredibly huge bow. Wilhelm looked to her side to see the old lady in a puddle of blood next to her. The woman offered him a hand but as Wilhelm reached for it he collapsed as he gave into exhaustion and hunger.
Wilhelm woke up in a small room with one window and a single door, there was a fire in the middle of the room. He a blanket over him in a comforting bed, something that he had not seen for a long time, with the same wolf from earlier nearby. Wilhelm tried to slowly keep his distance from the large beast keeping the fire between him and it. It seemed like an eternity but eventually the door opened with the woman carrying a wooden plate of various meats and fruit walking through it. She looked at the bed he was in and proclaimed “Well it looks like someone decided death was too good for them, I’m glad.” Wilhelm didn’t reply. “It’s okay, you must’ve been through a lot, so speak when you want to.”
Wilhelm paused briefly then after a while the events that occurred had finally gotten to him and the emotional burden that had been carrying all this time he finally let go. The woman identified herself as Felina Velorien, an agent of Desna, with her companion Nuntis. She explained how they belong to an order called “Desna’s Keys”, the name originating from the members being the “keys” to the “shackles of freedom”, each “Key” doing their part to remove these “shackles”. Felina offered to train Wilhelm and he agreed on one condition, that they could destroy the bandit camp.
Over the course of nearly a decade Wilhelm was trained in the art of the bow, how to shoot, load, shoot again but refused any kind of magical teachings believing that all magic is definitively evil but a necessary one. They planned for the night that the camp would be taken out and executed it to perfection. Fueled by revenge he slaughtered everyone, but the prisoners and the brute, at the camp without remorse, believing that these people were beyond redemption. He confronted the brute with extreme hatred in his hut and with one quick shot took the brute down. Afterwards Felina said that he had a surprise for him, she gave him a bow very similar to hers but smaller, a very nice quiver, and a backpack that seemed to house a lot of abnormal space in it. She smiled and said that he passed his test and that there was one more thing to do. She pulled out an iron that looked incredibly hot asked Wilhelm to clench his teeth. She pressed the hot iron onto his hand and what was left was an imprint on his hand of a key half-way into a circle. She said that he was now a Key by demonstrating his extreme views on freedom. Wilhelm thanked her then said that he needs to find his sister at Bilgepump, saying one final goodbye.

Wilhelm was born into nobility, on a trade route he and his family were attacked by bandits which looking for something. Wilhelm’s entire family was killed except him and his sister. Wilhelm was sold into slavery along with his sister to separate people. The person who bought Wilhelm was killed on the way to their destination by a ranger named “Felina”. Felina trains Wilhelm to use a bow and uses his new skills to destroy the bandit camp. Felina belongs to an order called “Desna’s Keys” which she makes Wilhelm a part of. Wilhelm is now looking for his lost sister.

Wilhelm Wildfire

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