Belatiel Startear

Divine Assessor of the Southern Vault


Gender: male
Race: Half Elf
Age: 42
Height: 5’8"
Weight: 110lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Alignment: LG
Class: Divine Assessor


Belatiel is a kind half elf who is always happy to help his friends and those around him. Despite his immature nature he was promoted to the position of Divine Assessor of the Southern Vault at quite a young age (for a half elf). This early promotion is due largely to the fact that the humans of Amatlan do not fully grasp the aging process of elves and their kind. Belatiel is excellent at his job however, and a wizard with the books and figures necessary for stewardship of the mining operations and management of the island’s plentiful resources.

Prone to shenanigans, he appreciates a good laugh or shirking responsibility for the day to pull harmless pranks oh his subordinates. It’s not uncommon to hear a crash in the staff quarters followed by a human voice bellowing " BELATIEL! I SWEAR! This is the last time!" as a slight framed elf streaks away laughing into the night.

He is the son of Terciel Startear Abbot of Baktun’s end and an unnamed Elf woman who passed while giving birth to him.

Belatiel Startear

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