Quinn Liongate

A paladin of the Order of the White Sash


Quinn is a half elf with the tall lean build that characterizes his race. He stands 6’1’’ has short dark hair, grey eyes and a pale skin tone. Quinn favors a longsword but also carries a longbow. Although he is trained in the use of heavy armor he favors lighter armors. Regardless Quinn always wears the white sash of his order even when he’s not in his armor.


Quinn was born the bastard son of Lord Maxim Liongate, Duke of the Free Liongate Duchy. His mother is an elf and left the Duchy shortly after Quinn’s birth. He has few memories of his mother. Quinn had a very lonely childhood. He was generally considered an embarrassment by his father and ostracized by his other legitimate siblings.

As soon as he was old enough his father sent him to apprentice under an old knight named Cyrus Saintshard. It was here Quinn’s life took a change for the better. Cyrus was a stern but fair teacher and taught Quinn the morals and ethics of a knight. He functioned as a surrogate father figure. Near the end of Quinn’s training Cyrus sponsored Quinn’s membership to a famous order of Paladin’s known as the Order of the White Sash. Cyrus died shortly after bequeathing his prized magic sword to Quinn before he died.

Quinn trained for several years under the order growing in skill. When he was judged worthy of his sash Quinn underwent the final ritual of his order, trying to pull the holy sword Abraxos out of its silver pedestal. Most of the time the sword doesn’t move but spectacularly when Quinn gripped it the sword moved slightly. Typically, full members of the Order of the White Sash have two options when they complete their training, they can go out into the world and try to become worthy of the sword, or train new members. Since the sword moved when Quinn gripped it he decided to go into the world and do good so that he might become worthy of Abraxos.

Quinn Liongate

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