Jibriel Dola

Cleric of the Feathered Serpent


Gender: male
Race: Aasimar
Age: 180
Height: 5’11"
Weight: 180lbs
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Blue
Distinguishing features:
Silver halo
Fair skin
Silver tattoo of an ouroboros on right palm. Glows faintly.


Why are violence and repose so intertwined? Why is destruction necessary for creation? … To us the universe may appear irrational, terrifying, murderous in its brutality, but it is a mirror, held up to our humanity which we ignore at our own peril.
- Meditation on duality, 3rd Abbot of Baktun’s End – Amitiel Diego

A child of 2 planes, Human and Celestial, Jibriel naturally showed interest in otherworldly affairs from a young age. As soon as he was of age Jibriel joined the church of Quetzalcoatl. Jibriel showed great skill and fortitude during his training however It was determined by the elders of the order that his faith in the divine was lacking. They noted that possibly due to the circumstances of his birth he tended to rely on his own strength and will rather than that of the feathered serpent god.

To strengthen his faith in Quetzalcoatl Jibriel was sent out into the ocean aboard a simple raft on a vision quest to wherever the will of Quetzalcoatl dictated. After an unknown number of days at sea wracked with hunger and thirst Jibriel was visited by a great feathered leviathan from the depths of the ocean. The creature was terrifying yet Jibriel felt unafraid at it’s presence. The Leviathan released from its mouth a crystal that clattered to the deck of Jibriel’s raft, then it spoke to him. The creature’s voice was deafening yet it spoke with no words.

Jibriel! Hear me. This world is in great peril, It has become blighted and corrupted beyond recognition. Forces conspire to tear apart the fabric of this creation before its time. The cycle must go on unbroken. I appoint you the instrument of my divine wrath on this earth and call upon you to cleanse this mortal realm. Bring ash from the flesh of your enemies and fear no retribution. With this mark I bestow upon you, thou are cast in the name of god. Ye be not guilty.

With the message echoing in his head the leviathan was gone as quickly as it appeared. Jibriel clutched his right hand as a searing pain shot through it. The pain dulled and he slowly turned his hand to look at his palm. He had been marked by the serpent with an ouroboros, the symbol of the inquisition. Without much time to dwell on this a ship emerged out of a bank of fog with the face of a man painted onto the sail. At last, salvation.

Jibriel Dola

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