Seafaring Strangers

Recent Events
Sessions 13-14

In the last couple sessions, our intrepid heroes have made their way to the Lost Island, located within the great eternal maelstrom. Braving numerous challenges and hardships, they eventually made it through the magical storm and arrived at the stony cliff faced island covered in lush forest.

After Wilhelm went full retard and almost died to a forest drake before being saved by his non retarded comrades, the party set up a plan with their ship crew, and set forth into the forest.

After a few hours of travelling, the party came upon a clearing with a magical deck of cards. Everyone who isn’t lame decided to draw one.

After an encounter with a tree that attempted to murder them, the party finished their trek to the center of the island, and came upon a great stone ziggurat stationed in a large clearing. The clearing was warded by powerful abjuration magic, but the party all made it through with minimal setbacks.

Descending into the temple, the party found a chamber with 6 trials to complete in order to open the locked door barring their progress. Thus far they have successfully completed 3 of the trials. Who knows what awaits them in the future?

Umm, I decided to start doing these again?
Session #8 I think

This session begun with the party going off to rescue the captured Ebeneezer. Unbeknownst to them however, Ebeneezer freed himself with clever use of leverage and a sacrifice of his robes. After a brief chase in which Ebeneezer rocketed himself into Quinn’s back, the party was reunited. As they were leaving the tunnels, they were approached by a servant of the “Crimson Fang”, informing them that their leader yet sought an audience. The party threatened the servants lives until they left.

Later. the party was approached by the leader of the “Crimson Fang” again. This time she revealed herself as Qina: A female halfling with a penchant for crime.

She met with the party at their ship docked in the harbor. She came forward alone and spoke with Quinn, offering to restore his unfortunately lost arm in return for a favor: The capture of a mysterious predator stalking the docks at night. This man was reported to have sexually assaulted numerous women travelling alone through the Ravenstar docks. Qina did not appreciate this, and the party grudgingly accepted on the condition that Qina restore Quinn’s arm beforehand.

What followed was a harrowing chase across the rooftops of Ravenstar, with the entire party chasing or attacking from their own preferred positions. After a lengthy and dangerous chase, the shadowy criminal was brought to justice. But not before dissolving into a pile of shadowy goo that Jibriel decided to thrust his hand into for some reason.

After this, the party delivered the criminal to the constabulary where he was interred in a magical holding cell designed to prevent all means of egress, both mundane and supernatural. Then they left and went back to their boat.

Oh god, is the story still going?
Session #3

After being chosen by the wise oracle Iolrath, the party returns to Athus to prepare for their next journey. As the group waits for their ship to be ready, Quinn Liongate returns to the chamber of Abraxos, and contemplates the words of Iolrath. After 2 days of deliberation, he once again attempts to pull free Abraxos from its quartz prison. To his immediate surprise, he succeeds. Then realizes he has no idea what to do from this point. Luckily, Bishop Adelard stumbles upon him, and prepares him for his great honor. He receives a sheath for the oversized longsword, and the ceremonial full plate of the bearer of Abraxos. He then returns to the rest of the party, being super late to their appointed departure time.

The Party then sets forth from Athus following the direction of the Onyx Pendant, worn by Jibriel Dola. They meet the crew of “The Astraea”, and it’s captain, Garvin. The group and crew get along well, with no problems arising, until Quinn questions Jibriel about the customs of his people, and discovers that the people of Amatlan practice slavery and human sacrifice. The discusion must be put on hold however, as the ship is attacked by a party of Skum.

After the party defeated the Skum, it wasn’t long until their master arrived to take terrible vengeance on them. An Aboleth, one of the ancient and terrible creatures from the depths of the sea come to unleash a reckoning. So of course the party kicked its ass. However, they did not escape unscathed. Quinn, Jibriel, and Ebeneezer were inflicted with a terrible disease that made their flesh slimy and transparent. They had to be kept submerged in water to survive. And so they did, until they finally reached the capital city of Amatlan, and found treatment for their ailments.

As that happened, Jibriel and Ebeneezer proceeded to the High Temple to try and uncover their next move. This turned out to be a bad idea, as Jibriel was banished from the island for his lack of faith. Luckily they were able to talk their way out of trouble, and also removed Jibriels banishment. They discovered that they must travel to the Southern Vault to unearth where the second seal may be hidden.

And that’s it.

And the Story Continues!
Session #2

The dudes got chosen and stuff.

So the Story Begins
Session #1

The adventure begins as one of the Paladins of the Order of the White Sash is summoned to an audience with the High Bishop: Michael Adelard. This Paladin, one Quinn Lionsgate, was charged with a prophetic mission: Journey to the crossroads town of Veiskille, and protect it from the approaching evil.

Bishop Adelard, being a wise man, did not send Quinn alone. Instead, he sent out a call for aid to some of the most esteemed professionals in the area. One of those people actually answered, and the rest of them are a random assembly of disparate adventurers who somehow managed to tag along or get invited.. Nevertheless, they agreed to help the Order push back the blackness approaching Veiskille.

Having a deadline of only 2 days, the group set out at once, stopping only to borrow horses from the Order’s stables. The party followed the main road north, pushing the horses hard, but not to exhaustion. While it rained the first day, the weather cleared by afternoon, and the journey was uneventful otherwise.

After a peaceful rest under the stars, the party one again sets forth to the north, hoping to reach Veiskille in time. Not too long into their journey, they were set upon by a bandit ambush. The bandits proved to be no challenge to the expertise of the party, specifically the fiery power of the dwarven wizard Ebenezer, and the foes attempted to flee with their unconscious leader. As they fled, the Paladin Quinn announced that he would save their leader, and promise them safety from further harm. The bandits, moved by his sincerity, returned, and Quinn stabilized their dying leader. After learning that they had turned to banditry out of desperation, Quinn gifted them 20 gold pieces, and sent them on their way after demanding an oath never to return to their wicked ways.

After being delayed by the bandits, the party attempted to make up for lost time in their travels northward to Veiskille. They reached the town before daybreak, only to find it under seige from the undead. The group immediately set into action against the evil invaders, and their victory was quick and decisive. Only after the undead lay in pieces on the ground, did the party notice the 4 hooded figures standing on the bluff not 100 feet away.

As one of the hooded strangers summoned a skeleton of some large unnatural creature, another leaped down from the rise and challenged Quinn to single combat. Quinn accepted as the rest of the party rushed to take down the larger skeleton. The skeleton was powerful, but quick to die, and no sooner had it crumbled to pieces than the 3rd hooded figure appeared from under a shroud of invisibility and attempted to skewer Daniel from behind. Daniel survived the attack, and the remaining members quickly forced the enemies retreat.

Meanwhile, Quinn fought the mysterious hammer wielding figure, until after a fierce struggle, Quinn forced his retreat. The cloaked figure withdrew up the cliff, and the 4 of them magically departed, leaving the party alone.

The party then investigated the town, until finding the mayor: , and discovering the reason for the attack. A magical box, containing a mystical seal, marked with a strange, yet familiar symbol on one side, and with the holy symbol of Zura: Demon lord of Vampires on the other.

Confused, the party set out for Athus, hoping to get some answers. On their way back, they were met on the road by none other than the bandit leader from their initial trip! Roy Barden had tracked down the party so he could thank Quinn personally for his mercy and generosity. They parted ways as friends, the whole party feeling good about themselves.

Soon after reuniting with Roy, the party was set upon by a 3 headed dog summoned from the depths of the abyss. After a fierce battle, the party emerged victorious and continued on their way south to Athus.

The group made their way safely to the Order, immediately seeking the counsel of the High Bishop, who explained that the seals were used to trap a great evil in the Towers of Occlusion, a great many years ago. He then requested that the party try to find out more, by traveling to the ancient seer at the top of Mt. Stonemaw. The party agreed, and began their preparations…

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